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4theatre.com is a place where every cinephile can finally feel at home. You can decide to watch our filmd for free, without any form of subscription. There are tons of movies waiting to be seen!



Only on 4theatre you can watch the great classic of the cinema. Our catalogue is composed by movie made by Francis Ford Coppola, Orson Welles, Fritz Lang and many more.


On 4theatre the cinema is accessible to everyone. Our catalogue, which is divided into three macro-areas, is based on cinematographic works in the public domain. This is possible because there are some films whose importance has been so strong that it has shaped entire generations of filmmakers. We at 4theatre would like to continue this tradition. In fact, new films from all over the world will be released every week, of course for free. So be patient if you don’t find what you are looking for, maybe next week it will be published!


In 4theatre, we firmly believe in the importance of communication and the network that must exist between people, especially in the world of cinema. Newsletters, posts and social links are our daily bread to always stay connected with you and if this were not enough, always remember that an email, for us, is always welcome. Have you ever sent an email and received no reply? Well, this will never happen with us.


4theatre strives strongly to make access to content totally free. With us you will never be asked to make a subscription to see our catalog. Whenever you want you can come here and see a great movie without having to spend a dollar. Our catalogue is mainly based on copyright-free films, registered with the “National Film Registry” in the United States of America as they are considered culturally important. We firmly believe in this.


Our philosophy is inspired by the past and tries to project itself into the future, keeping in mindi the roots of cinema. Precisely for this reason, we at 4theatre believe that the only tool that cinephiles around the world have to understand it is to see and review the great classics.

The main problem for every filmmakers is the distribution.

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Down The Narrow Walkway

Families Like Yours

Families Like Yours

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