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Derive, Frederic L' Epee/Jean-Baptiste Lozac'h, 2016

Between an inexhaustible past and a non-unfoldable future: a chase after the horizon and some areas of refuge. Between what we believe, what we lived and what we would like to live.

Lost Distance, Jakub Gontko, 2023

Sakura's world turns upside down on Valentine's Day as her online friend arrives in Japan and she must navigate without technology to confess her love. With no phone, she races against time to reach him in a quest that puts her feelings to the ultimate test.

FOG, Bill Jackson, 2022

Between Heaven and Earth is Fog.

take the vax, Edsta, 2021

Satirical, funny, surreal. These are just some of the adjectives that we could use to describe this little indie gem.

Comeback-21, David Camero, 2021

A short film with a strong inspirational mold having as protagonist a girl passionate about martial arts.

A Tale of Redemption and Regret with Sunny the Heat, Eric Carosella, 2021

An old gangster finds himself carrying out one last task before "retirement". If this tagline could lead you to gangster movies, you're wrong.

Down The Narrow Walkway,
Diego olivares, 2020

A mysterious figure persistently follows a boy intent on returning home. From here unravels an exciting short film that will make you spend more than just a sleepless night.

Families Like Yours, Rodolfo Moro, 2020

A splendid documentary that illustrates the daily life of an LGBT family. Not to be missed.

Daniel. Noah., Daniel Goldberg, 2015

A witty comedy starring a neurotic writer struggling with an "unwanted" guest.

Piece By Piece, Georgia Middleton, 2020

A terrible car accident becomes a test of maturity for a disillusioned girl. A gripping English drama that thrills.

Rapture, Raeon George, 2021

An experimental short film about the “struggle” that every man has to face in order to defeat his addictions.

Angles Of A Man, Carolena Eugenia Villavicencio , 2021

A visual poem explores the negative effects of toxic masculinity and invites men to re-embrace the softness of boyhood.

Consequences, Albi Neziri, 2021

Ludovic Slane, the owner of an art gallery and boss of local drug mafia, had a friend and mafia member Frank Kovak who used to be Slanes second right hand. After Frank killed a women who knew too much about him, Slane decided not to help him anymore.

Little egret, Islam Abdelwahab Ali, 2021

A poignant short film on the immigration crisis in the Mediterranean Sea.

Palm Reader, Frisco Cosme, 2021

An inspiring music video that teaches us never to lose hope.

Woods Fever, Devon Commons, 2021

An old school horror slasher that will change your mind about walking in the woods.

A Second To Suicide, Michael Dery, 2021

26-year-old Kojo resorts to suicide as the only means to find peace. What comes after that is an undesirable price he has to pay.

INVaaDERS, Didier Mulleras, 2021

Didier Mulleras drags us into an alien encounter making the most of the power of light and the charm of dance.

Fortune Cookie, Rudy Salo, 2021

A control freak’s fragile reality crumbles when his beloved fortune cookie is empty, forcing him to live with ambiguities.

Unbrotherly Love, Ronald Dillard Jr., 2021

Two brothers put aside their squabbles in order to put an end to a long-standing question.

BirdBoy, Curtis Catado, 2021

Once upon a time there was a boy who grew up with birds they called him, Birdboy. The bird village is all Birdboy knows, he has become their 'hand that feeds'. But when Birdboy makes deadly bird brain mistake it causes the birds to turn! Will the birds bite the hand that feeds them?

You like organic?, Gary Teperman, 2021

After a 9 month job hunt, Marty is finally in the last stage of getting a great sales job that he badly needs selling for an organic farm. All he has to do is come up with the best sales pitch for the farm's delivery service and impress the bosses. As stress, doubt, and four other candidates seep into Marty's psyche, he gets support from his loving girlfriend Marla and buddy Glen to get him across the finish line.

Untitled, Filippo Giani, 2020

A man breaks into a house for unclear reasons.

Graham-land, Colleen Frances Franklin

When the home of an infamous, aging, sickly bank robber is burglarized, the robbers come face to face with the overwhelming sarcasm and regret that has fallen upon its occupants. Welcome to Graham-Land.

Ma$erati Money Beyond Belief, 2021, Cane Green Films

Ma$erati Money shows us that even in the face of life's adversities we can always achieve our dreams.

The Possum, 2020, Graham Wallace

A man with a strange connection to possums lives in the guest house of his empty affluent home waiting for greatness to come.


A soccer mom kidnapped by jewel thieves is not what she appears to be.


A young abused girl finds help from mysterious creature in the woods.

Pastiche, 2020, Shivaan Makker

After a home invasion, a depressed father must save his family, or they'll be premiered in the prime time news.

Magic and Mystery, Bangkhanh Nguyen

Valerie Dasher is a witch, her identity only known to her family, and only her closest friend, but no one else. When witches end mysteriously dead, she takes upon herself to figure out who is doing this which puts her into extreme danger.

12 & 1/2 cents, Nick Beaufait, 2022

A backpacker waits at a decrepit bus stop for his journey to continue, but the quarter he finds will afford him a change in destination…

Brave,Michael Ringdal, 2022

A young abused girl finds help from mysterious creature in the woods.

Everything I Could, Ben Cable, 2022

A father tries to explain his wife's mental illness to his daughter.

Luto, Ken Kabatoff, 2022

After a tragic accident claims her husband’s life, a woman discovers his spirit may not have crossed over.

Dissolution, Rennie Taylor, 2022

When a building with a history of community, opportunity and creativity is slated for the chopping block, does it make a sound? What would this building say to us if given the chance?

Phoenix: David's Dream,Vinicius Donola, 2021

After helping to fight the fire that destroyed the National Museum, in Brazil, a firefighter decides to look for wreckage to transform them into art. The musical instruments are made with the help of artists such as Gilberto Gil, Paulinho da Viola and Hamilton de Holanda.

Lawful, 2022, Victoria Straitt

A young woman is forced by her father to marry a much old man who is assumed to have raped her and got her pregnant. After the vows are said and done and everyone is leaving, she suffers from a miscarriage and is left behind.

A Smile to Remember, 2022, Saavgel Victoria Javier

A young man deals with the lost of his mother.

Sonate Tableaux: Mouvement 1, 2021, Carlos Ferrand

From the inspiration of a black and white music score entitled “Sonate Tableaux” by Montreal-born composer Alain Payette, this short film, featuring the solo piano performance by Canadian pianist Minna Re Shin, embraces the interaction of art forms as well as explores the theme of beauty, the dynamics of the female body and its movement quality. The visual musical rendition of the first movement of this neo-romantic composition interweaves with the imaginative interplay of cinematic applications inspired by the music and the artwork associated with this particular musical excerpt or “tableau,” evoking a timeless narrative of human experience suggested in Payette’s music which transcends place, era, and culture.

Seth & Tia, 2020, Steve Hasse

Two patients, Seth and Tia develop a friendship during their stay in a mental institution. They decide to make a plan to break out, but they can't do it alone,so they ally with an enemy patient named Gnarly Daren who helps them. Seth then betrays Daren by locking him in a cell so he can't leave with them. During Seth and Tia's life of anarchy on the run, Daren escapes from the institution, is out for their blood, and will stop at nothing to get revenge.

The Queen's Jewel, 2022, Josh Friedman

Beau discovers that his family’s tales about pirates that sailed into his town over three hundred years ago and the hunt for the Queen’s lost dowry still exists today.

Harvest, 2021, Peter Halpin

Besides getting a job, 42 year old Harvey has little else to do with his time but become the next big thing on the internet. So he's created himself an online persona: rapper and music producer DJ Harvest, oozing seduction, charm and a unique way with words.

The Outlanders - from HKG to SEA, 2022, Azure Kwok

After the 2019 Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement in Hong Kong, a young Hongkonger chose to leave her hometown and made her way to Seattle. She talks about how this decision marked a pivotal turning point in her life

I Know Where She's Buried, 2022, Michael Kuper

A journalist under investigation uncovers a dark secret that could destroy a fame obsessed influencers life, overnight, but her only witness to the truth, has suddenly gone missing.

Descension PT.II, 2022, Adrian Campbell

Five months after after the events from Descension, Liam still being haunted by nightmares in his time of combat, tries to get his life back together when old enemies resurfaces hell bent on destroying everything he loves .

Spoon, 2022, Arthur Chays

To escape from everyday life, it's very simple: you need a ladder and a spoon. But is it really that easy ?

Estranged, 2022, Julia Ozdych

A suggestive performance in an uncontaminated place will make you reflect on your existence in this world.

The Gift, 2021, Vince Mirabile

It's Christmas time and Karl, a local vagabond, has come out from a night of drinking and happens upon a homeless child. After a short exchange, he discovers the child can see the future

Bits 'N Pieces, 2022, Max Cadzow-Smith

Three optimistic teens in search of a peaceful weekend away awaken dark forces. With dangers mounting and the scent of blood heavy in the air, can the not-so-happy campers survive the night? Or will they end up in... bits 'n pieces?

Beyond the Treeline, 2022, Sarah E. Taylor

With limited resources, a survivor ventures into the dark for more wood... but something sinister is waiting in the trees.

Mount Pleasant, 2022, Jack Henry Calverley

A disheveled young man begins to question his own motives as the anonymous therapy club he has recently joined shows ulterior motives.

Don’t Judge Me, 2022, John Gialitis

An unawareness story about a boy who cyber bullies another boy who is gay, leading to that child committing suicide. Half a year after the incident, his guilt begins to haunt him in hallucinations and depression, to the point where he judges himself for the consequences and reality of his actions.

The Game, 2022, Daniel J. Adams

God and the devil play a chess game for the soul of Joseph Davidson. A man from the streets of Inglewood on his way to law school. But will his environment get him caught up in the lifestyle he's trying to escape?

Breaking Glass Ceilings, 2022, Janet Chelliah

A funny, moving and uplifting documentary about a disability Dance Group-Dancestars Sheffield, made by four mothers of the dancers.

Panic!, 2022, Hannah Walti

During summer’s hottest day, Dollface tries to escape her chaotic life, dragging her cousin along with her.

Medusa, 2021, Serayna Teagan Neal

After surviving a traumatic experience in her teenage years, Ashleigh lived life shackled to her demons and in a constant battle with the past. Until the day she decided to leave behind years of loneliness and trauma by creating the onstage persona… Medusa Maneater

Rewind, 2022, Leo Lungaro

In a world where science fiction is science fact, A hero runs through the city breaking the barriers of time in order to save a life.

Iron Body, 2022, Jamie Pan

A short motivational documentary about Italian actor Paolo Guglielmini's fitness journey. The short film touches upon several aspects of Paolo's acting and bodybuilding journeys, including an assessment on doping which is very common in the professional training and bodybuilding scene.

Desiderium, 2022, Rebecca Van Fraassen & Emmanuel Garofolo

In our need to control every aspect of our lives, there are consequences for the ways in which we interfere with nature.

Sound Effects, 2022, Jorge Mendoza

Amari Reina suits up as Voice when an unusual figure wreaks havoc.

The Head, Pablo Arriagada, 2022

In the deepest of the obscure universe, on a forgotten planet, where antique goods are been looted from elder civilization ruins as a form of commerce and economic pillar. A mysterious cubic asset was missed from a caravan. In the middle of a strong and merciless storm, in the lonely and flooded hills by stellar dust, the box is found by a loner visitor.

A Celebration of Life, 2022, Nonie D. Clark & Doug Lito

A veteran turned accountant revisits both his successes and the biggest regret of his life.

Saint Lucy, Kenzie Yango & Ingrid Hamilton, 2021

A student is pushed to her breaking point following a series of unwelcome events.

Behind Closed Doors, 2022, Kevin Neal Agee

A corrupt politician meets an ambitious journalist, and finds that his appetite for self-satisfaction leads to his eventual demise.

The Treasure, Marty Sliwinski, 2022

On a small moon of a distant gas giant planet, Carter, a treasure hunter and adventurer is on his way to find the most precious known artifact.

Jagged Walker, Sofie Reed, 2020

The woman portrayed in Jagged Walker claims “nasty” as feminine power. She transforms into her true self by unplugging misogynistic misconceptions.

The Diver's Son, Nick Sneath, 2022

A short film documenting the story of a man following in his father's footsteps. Sandy Rijgersberg shares some of the difficult events of his past and his quest to recover a lost keepsake.

Be the frog!, Eveline Schönfeld, 2018

Moving from Kazakhstan to Germany in 1990, Wilhelm had to start from the bottom. In his whole life too many people underrated him because of his sick leg. Because of that his ambition to be seen as normal was really big.

Leave Your Body At The Door, Joshua A. Brown, 2022

One guy with a last chance to impress his crush meets a clown-faced psychopath. Who survives the night?

Extinction, Diana Marie Russell, 2022

A woman searches for purpose in a world where humanity took itself out

Ashes, Cagan Kayi, 2022

After a bizarre incident in wilderness, a woman who claims the world's ending is questioned by a strict official who has to report his observations to a digital voice on a screen.

Rambling, Linda Scott, 2022

Two little girls are playing in the forest, but playing may well be their way of coping with a disturbing bigger picture.

Take, Jon McWilliams, 2022

Where do art forms go to die, when ballet and modern are left behind do they dance together in the in-between before parting ways?

Sarong Song, 2022, Jeremy Hamway-Bidgood

Where do art forms go to die, when ballet and modern are left behind do they dance together in the in-between before parting ways?

The Lodger, Gabi Bania, 2022

Five-year-old Sophie is a lonely only child living in a family dominated by her Father, who behaves aggressively towards his wife and daughter. Sophie's parents argue at nights, which makes the girl scared and unable to sleep. She's also afraid of the old wardrobe inhabited by the animal-like monster, arose from the negative emotions of the household members.

Manifesto, Kae Fujisawa & Elena Clark, 2021

Brussels. 1848. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are writing their communist Manifesto.

Transformation, Dawn Crute, 2023

Jack discovers he has early onset dementia. He retreats to Northumberland to contemplate his future, as he wonders how to face this challenge.

For Love of the Land, Cynthia Matty-Huber, 2021

Where do art forms go to die, when ballet and modern are left behind do they dance together in the in-between before parting ways?

The Applicants, María Yolanda Brown Melián & Kevin Ramos Fernández, 2022

It is a hilarious comedy set in an office called Holliwood where everything turns into a dIsaster. Every single person in the office is tempted into getting a better job and they compete with the applicants for that purpose. .

Muscle Chick Magnet, Christopher Oliver, 2022

A celebrity rap star meets his blind date, not aware she's a muscular woman.

Copper And Sweat, Gillian Nivelet, 2022

A young jazz trumpeter meets a meal delivery girl. After the theft of his bicycle, she asks the young man for help at the bend of a street. They will discover each other through the night.