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12 & 1/2 cents, Nick Beaufait, 2022

A backpacker waits at a decrepit bus stop for his journey to continue, but the quarter he finds will afford him a change in destination…

take the vax, Edsta, 2021

Satirical, funny, surreal. These are just some of the adjectives that we could use to describe this little indie gem.

Comeback-21, David Camero, 2021

A short film with a strong inspirational mold having as protagonist a girl passionate about martial arts.

A Tale of Redemption and Regret with Sunny the Heat, Eric Carosella, 2021

An old gangster finds himself carrying out one last task before "retirement". If this tagline could lead you to gangster movies, you're wrong.

Down The Narrow Walkway,
Diego olivares, 2020

A mysterious figure persistently follows a boy intent on returning home. From here unravels an exciting short film that will make you spend more than just a sleepless night.

Families Like Yours, Rodolfo Moro, 2020

A splendid documentary that illustrates the daily life of an LGBT family. Not to be missed.

Daniel. Noah., Daniel Goldberg, 2015

A witty comedy starring a neurotic writer struggling with an "unwanted" guest.

Piece By Piece, Georgia Middleton, 2020

A terrible car accident becomes a test of maturity for a disillusioned girl. A gripping English drama that thrills.

Rapture, Raeon George, 2021

An experimental short film about the “struggle” that every man has to face in order to defeat his addictions.

Angles Of A Man, Carolena Eugenia Villavicencio , 2021

A visual poem explores the negative effects of toxic masculinity and invites men to re-embrace the softness of boyhood.

Consequences, Albi Neziri, 2021

Ludovic Slane, the owner of an art gallery and boss of local drug mafia, had a friend and mafia member Frank Kovak who used to be Slanes second right hand. After Frank killed a women who knew too much about him, Slane decided not to help him anymore.

Little egret, Islam Abdelwahab Ali, 2021

A poignant short film on the immigration crisis in the Mediterranean Sea.

Palm Reader, Frisco Cosme, 2021

An inspiring music video that teaches us never to lose hope.

Woods Fever, Devon Commons, 2021

An old school horror slasher that will change your mind about walking in the woods.

A Second To Suicide, Michael Dery, 2021

26-year-old Kojo resorts to suicide as the only means to find peace. What comes after that is an undesirable price he has to pay.

INVaaDERS, Didier Mulleras, 2021

Didier Mulleras drags us into an alien encounter making the most of the power of light and the charm of dance.

Fortune Cookie, Rudy Salo, 2021

A control freak’s fragile reality crumbles when his beloved fortune cookie is empty, forcing him to live with ambiguities.

Unbrotherly Love, Ronald Dillard Jr., 2021

Two brothers put aside their squabbles in order to put an end to a long-standing question.

BirdBoy, Curtis Catado, 2021

Once upon a time there was a boy who grew up with birds they called him, Birdboy. The bird village is all Birdboy knows, he has become their 'hand that feeds'. But when Birdboy makes deadly bird brain mistake it causes the birds to turn! Will the birds bite the hand that feeds them?

You like organic?, Gary Teperman, 2021

After a 9 month job hunt, Marty is finally in the last stage of getting a great sales job that he badly needs selling for an organic farm. All he has to do is come up with the best sales pitch for the farm's delivery service and impress the bosses. As stress, doubt, and four other candidates seep into Marty's psyche, he gets support from his loving girlfriend Marla and buddy Glen to get him across the finish line.

Untitled, Filippo Giani, 2020

A man breaks into a house for unclear reasons.

Graham-land, Colleen Frances Franklin

When the home of an infamous, aging, sickly bank robber is burglarized, the robbers come face to face with the overwhelming sarcasm and regret that has fallen upon its occupants. Welcome to Graham-Land.

Ma$erati Money Beyond Belief, 2021, Cane Green Films

Ma$erati Money shows us that even in the face of life's adversities we can always achieve our dreams.

The Possum, 2020, Graham Wallace

A man with a strange connection to possums lives in the guest house of his empty affluent home waiting for greatness to come.


A soccer mom kidnapped by jewel thieves is not what she appears to be.


A young abused girl finds help from mysterious creature in the woods.

Pastiche, 2020, Shivaan Makker

After a home invasion, a depressed father must save his family, or they'll be premiered in the prime time news.