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What we are, What we will become.

Some of you already know us, some others know absolutely nothing about us. 4theatre.com is a web platform born from the desire to connect as many people as possible in order to encourage and help all filmmakers from all over the globe, without any distinction of social class, sex or religion. Cinema is art and as such it must be considered as a collective good that can be enjoyed by all. We believe it is unfair that thousands of filmmakers cannot express their potential just because they may not have the right contacts to emerge or because they do not have their own space where they can show their work or because they simply do not have a budget that allows them all this. Those who know us know this, but it is good to point out this thing: we at 4theatre are not interested in money. The only figures we ask are used exclusively to manage management costs and to be able to improve our entire system from time to time. Of course, somewhere in the world the figures we are asking for can be enormous, but don’t worry. 4theatre is developing a way that would bring economic gain to all users of our platform. Being a filmmakers involves sacrifices and sacrifices, but as we all know, the economic return is by no means taken for granted. We at 4theatre find this deeply unfair and are working to make this not happen again. Art must be encouraged, not stifled. Trust us if we tell you that in a few years we will become the most important community ever that will allow everyone, in a fair and no-frills way, to finally be able to live even only with their own film projects, whether they are short films, feature films or scripts. To do this, however, we will also need you. Being a community means sharing and without sharing there is no development. Use everything you have available to spread 4theatre and make it spread as fast as possible. We will not be a virus, but the cure.

A website, endless possibilities.

From the very beginning, our intention was to offer the best that could be sought from a website. To do this, our revenues will be used every month to make 4th theater more performing, faster and more intuitive. Those who follow us from the start can see how our word really matters, periodically carrying out maintenance works and adding increasingly satisfying content. In fact, over the next few months you will see many news on our website, from the possibility of creating your own personal space to use as a bulletin board for your projects to a networking system that will allow you to advertise on all our social channels, which day by day they are growing more and more. We will include the “4th theater agent” function, which will allow you to recommend the best festivals in the world suitable for your specific project, greatly increasing the chances of winning and avoiding annoying scams. It goes without saying that you will be given special discount codes for the festival that will be recommended to you, so that you can sign up without having to spend a fortune. The “4th theater database” function will be added which will use your wall to create an archive reserved for all filmmakers and will facilitate interaction between them. It will no longer be a problem to develop your idea, just go to the “4th theater database” and you will be able to find all the members you need to create your next “masterpiece”. Every week an editorial will be published which, starting from a contemporary or past film work, will explain to you in detail how to exploit it during your creative process, offering you a totally unique point of view of its kind and functional to your work. staying away from chatter and useless gossip. We are interested in unleashing your full potential by offering you the widest offer ever. All this and much more will be part of our monthly subscription program that will also allow you to earn financially. Like? For this you will have to be patient a little longer but trust us if we tell you that you will no longer have to choose whether to work or follow your passion. We will guarantee that you will no longer have to sacrifice yourself, if you want to.

Without borders. Without prejudices.

In a society that is trying in every way to reach the depths of space, we find all forms of discrimination unacceptable. Be it political, sexual or ethnic. We are all equal. 4theatre guarantees that everyone will have their right space as long as they respect everyone. Art, as we have already said previously, is the only tool that puts everyone on the same level and we will fight hard to ensure that this remains so. It is unfair that a filmmakers should feel sacrificed only if they come from an unfavorable economic or social situation. 4theatre has already shown in the past that it is not interested in the economic side, for this reason it will always make sure that it can help you. History teaches that by mixing various cultures there have been cultural phenomena that have literally changed the course of mankind. Why stop all this? As mentioned before, for a network to work, it is necessary to share. On our portal and on our festival it will never happen that your project is excluded due to your political current or your sexual orientation. Also during the selection of the projects we say in advance if it will be selected or not, in order to avoid the disappointment of paying the registration fee and not even see your project as an “OFFICIAL SELECTION”. Someone has had to say about our modus operandi, but we do not firmly believe that it is the confirmation of our transparency and our good faith. We intend to add new categories in the next edition of “4theatre selection” in order to make ourselves as inclusive as possible.

With this last paragraph our manifesto closes and we hope to grow more and more day by day. We thank you for your attention and wish your success. In fact, our aim is to see you one day direct the movie of your dreams, because nothing is more important than dreams.