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Shortmovies needs to have a review as a feature film. It’s the only way that a viewer can choose what to watch. We at 4theatre.com made every month dozens of review about the project that we received. So dear filmmaker, when you submit your project at our festival remember just one thing: 4theatre is MADE FOR FILMMAKERS.


  • Dir: Vincenzo De Sio
  • Length: 5 min
  • Genre: Experimental / Animation

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

  • Dir: Rodrigo Alfonso
  • Length: 19 min
  • Cast: Rodrigo Alfonso
  • Genre: Experimental

The Wish & The Wisp

  • Dir: Vashmere Valentine
  • Length: 15 min
  • Cast: Reese Hoggard, Eric Lang, Vanessa Stovers
  • Genre: Fantasy

Wings of Eternity

  • Dir: Süleyman Eskiocak
  • Length: 15 min
  • Cast: Tansel Doğruel
  • Genre: Fantasy

Twenty Decagrams of Sugar

  • Dir: Ana Fackenthall
  • Length: 13 min
  • Cast: Ana Fackenthall, Eleanor Wolpert, Margot Weiss
  • Genre: Drama

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